Wealth Building Through Commercial Real Estate
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Consumers need to find a Realtor who can assist them in buying or selling Commercial Real Estate. In addition a good Commercial lawyer or a Title Company is necessary to work hand in hand with their professional Realtor. The primary method in the United States is to build wealth through Real Estate ventures. Keeping costs under control while choosing a lawyer or title company who possesses the skill and reputation will make all the difference in the world.

A Commercial Broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors is a good start. Having membership to other Associations dealing with Commercial Real Estate is a must, as we do not work in a vacuum. Unlike Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate information comes from many sources which require an investment by the Broker in order to have the information available.

I have found that Foreign Nationals have a tendency to work with someone who speaks their language without fully checking their background and sales experience. That being said, things are improving as more and more foreigners are joining our ranks as professional Commercial Realtors and creating trade from other nations.

The Miami Association of Realtors has the largest International alliances in the USA today for Real Estate Boards. We have direct and indirect relations with more than 40 countries.

It has never been easier to check the background and experience of Realtors in our industry and it is critically important that as a consumer you do so.

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