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Coaching for Realtors

As an Owner Operator of Real Estate companies having a long career of 34 years I hired and trained over 1,200 associates. The task of hiring comes with the obligation of being able to train and support those you hired. I was fortunate in my career to get to know and study under Dr. Dick McKenna, the father of the Century 21 Training System. Our relationship spanned over many years as both an owner of my own companies as well as the whole Century 21 system during my time as a National Communication Representative and a National Advertising Representative.

I learned early on that as a Realtor we were not in the business to sell property, rather we were in the business of building customer relationships where we helped buyers and sellers transact the properties they wished to sell and buy. I also learned to build a business model that operates under the principles of good business practices which is absolutely necessary so we can help customers do the same thing.

My methods of Coaching today are a combination of past experiences and methods that keep me at the top of my trade. I invite anyone who has a passion to be successful in Commercial Real Estate and willing to put the time and effort to have a successful career to contact me for a personal interview.

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