Wealth Building Through Commercial Real Estate
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Before joining Keller Williams 5 years ago, I had been in the Real Estate Business 29 years at that time. My experience with Century 21 on a National and International level and a member of the then Cendant organization has given me a collective knowledge of our industry. In addition to that experience I have served in many capacities at the Miami Association of Realtors through my 34 years in the Industry. The Miami Association of Realtors is now the largest Real Estate Association in the Nation. I now serve as Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee.

It is with the knowledge and experience that I chose Keller Williams:

  • 1) It starts with the freedom to control my own destiny
  • 2) The Business Model “holds close with open arms”
  • 3) Profit sharing is part of the culture
  • 4) The Company has an open book policy
  • 5) The Company Caps it’s share of the income
  • 6) There is plenty of training, support, and coaching
  • 7) The Company has a Great “KW Cares” program for the community
  • 8) There is a rapidly growing Commercial Program
  • 9) There is a strong TEAM concept
  • 10) There is a Luxury Division
  • 11) Everyone Wins!
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