Wealth Building Through Commercial Real Estate
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How Can Patrick Help You build wealth through Real Estate?

Real Estate is and has always been the best way to build wealth. The markets go up and down but wealth building depends on timing as much as choosing the right property to buy in both up and down markets. That same timing is critical to a property owner to know when to sell. Our team is acutely aware of the market and keeps a diligent eye on the changes that are taking place so that our clients can have the best advice possible when making moves to buy or sell Real Estate in order to build wealth. My experiences on National and International levels will make a difference in choosing the right properties for you!

Tools to Sell Commercial Real Estate

Unlike RESIDENTIAL Real Estate where most of the inventory is in one location, Commercial Real Estate requires marketing the properties in hundreds of sites, many of which require separate fees and memberships to get the maximum exposure. There is a small percentage of the agent population in South Florida that practices their trade as full time Commercial Realtors. The tools we use and our experience will make the difference for you.

Tools Needed to Find Commercial Opportunities

Commercial Real Estate opportunities show up in many different venues. Some people believe that great opportunities are not possible if the property is already listed with a broker. It is my belief that wherever there is someone who has a need to sell there is the opportunity for a deal to occur. It is not whether not it is listed, but rather finding a seller with a need and realistic pricing from a reliable research. Commercial search tools are available to assist buyers and sellers determine market values, but those tools must be in the broker’s toolbox in order to get the correct information to the consumer. Not all brokers have these tools. We are always improving on the tools we use and keep an eye on the latest trends.

Real Estate Associates Path to Commercial Real Estate

Although it is necessary to take specific courses that relate to Commercial Real Estate it is the personality and the perseverance that still plays an important role in Commercial Real Estate. These traits it together with a mentoring program will create a clear path to success in Commercial Real Estate Sales. I teach these tried and true methods that have worked for 34 years that still work today, together with the technology that supports, not replace those methods.

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